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Ace Hardware Launches Loud Mouth™ Barbeque Lineup!

New Line of Sauces and Seasonings Invites Grilling Enthusiasts to Get LOUD About BBQ!

In a sizzling announcement set to tantalize taste buds across Watsonville, Ace Hardware proudly unveils its latest sensation: Loud Mouth™ Barbeque – an electrifying array of BBQ sauces and seasonings designed to elevate every grilling experience. Known as the go-to destination for all things BBQ, Ace Hardware’s store at 1056 E Lake Ave. Watsonville is thrilled to introduce this innovative lineup, aiming to unite grilling enthusiasts through a shared love of bold flavors – because when it comes to BBQ this good, you simply have to get LOUD!

“As we proudly launch Loud Mouth™ Barbeque, we’re not just introducing a new product – we’re igniting a flavor revolution in the world of BBQ,” said Brian Wiborg, Senior Vice President of Merchandising. “We aim to be the BBQ destination in all the neighborhoods we serve, and our decision to develop Loud Mouth™ Barbeque was reinforced by the desire for bold, high-quality BBQ products at an affordable price point. We’re excited to provide our customers with a flavorful adventure they’ll want to embark on again and again.”

loud mouth barbeque sauces seasonings rubs, watsonville california ace hardware

Crafted with premium ingredients and bursting with bold flavors, each product in the Loud Mouth™ Barbeque lineup promises to leave an indelible mark on even the most discerning palates. From the tangy zest of the “Boom Shaka-Laka” apple habanero BBQ sauce to the irresistible allure of the “That’s Poppin'” savory blended rub, there’s something to delight every BBQ enthusiast. Whether you’re a backyard BBQ aficionado, or a seasoned pitmaster taking part in the Spring Lamb Barbeque at Crosetti Ranch in Watsonville, the impact of these flavor-packed products is undeniable.

The full lineup includes:

BBQ Sauces:

·      Boom Shaka-Laka – Apple Habanero BBQ Sauce, 19.4 oz

·      Kaa-Blamo! – Hot n’ Spicy BBQ Sauce, 19.4 oz


·      That’s Poppin’ – Savory Blend Rub, 5 oz

·      Mmmm Baby! – All Purpose Rub, 7.5 oz

·      Whoa There! – Smokey Sweet Rub, 6.2 oz

·      Uhh-Huh! – Hot n’ Sweet Rub, 6.3 oz

·      Zowie! – Hot n’ Spicy Rub, 6.3 oz

loud mouth barbeque sauces, grilling in watsonville california

What truly distinguishes Loud Mouth™ Barbeque is its accessibility. Understanding that exceptional flavor should be within reach for everyone, Ace Hardware has priced these products affordably without compromising on quality. The BBQ sauces are available for just $8.99 per 19.4-oz bottle, while the rubs are priced at $6.99 per container, varying in size by flavor. This commitment to accessibility ensures that Watsonville residents can savor the thrill of bold BBQ flavors without breaking the bank.

Committed to providing exceptional customer service, Ace Hardware is dedicated to helping everyone find the perfect products for their grilling needs. With an impressive lineup of top brands including Big Green Egg, Weber, Traeger, Blackstone, and more, Ace ensures there’s something to suit every grilling method and preference. Whether shopping in-store or online, Watsonville customers can expect knowledgeable staff and fast, convenient shipping options. This includes our Ready in 15 store pickup service.

With the launch of Loud Mouth™ Barbeque, Ace Hardware reaffirms its dedication to innovation and excellence in the world of BBQ, bringing amazing flavors to grilling enthusiasts everywhere. So, fire up the grill and experience the bold flavors of Loud Mouth™ Barbeque – available now at participating Ace Hardware locations nationwide and online, including our store in the East Lake Village Shopping Center. For more information, visit Ace Hardware’s Loud Mouth™ Barbeque page.

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