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January Home Maintenance Checklist

The holidays are over and it’s time to start thinking about January home maintenance. The Helpful Hardware Place has created a list of five things to complete in your home for the month of January. Completing this list will help prevent costly repairs in the future. You can find everything you need at your local Central Coast Ace Hardware.

1. Clean Your Dryer's Exhaust Vent

Lint buildup can affect the dryer’s efficiency and may create a fire hazard, making this an essential task on your January home maintenance list. While many see this as an annual task, it all depends on how often your dryer gets used. You’ll never regret cleaning this out as it keeps the unit working properly and keeps your home safe.

Is any of your dryer exhaust ventilation damaged? Ace Hardware has all the dryer vent components necessary to make repairs.

2. Clean the Garage Door Rollers and Track

Whether you have an opener or not, applying a product like WD40 to your garage door rollers can make it much easier to operate. Plus, you’ll save yourself from those annoying squeaks and prevent binding when you open or close your garage. Follow up by cleaning the track with a damp rag to remove any dirt or debris.

If your garage door is struggling to open and close, check out these tips from Ace Home Expert Lou Manfredini:

3. Drain Your Hot Water Heater

Sediment that collects in the bottom of the heater can affect the unit and shorten its life span. On average a water heater should last about 10 years. Replacing this unit is not only costly, it seems to happen when you need the water the most. Flushing your water heater every six months is the best way to keep it in working order and extend its life.

If you are in need of a new water heater while performing January home maintenance, your local Ace Hardware has a large selection of electric, gas, propane and tankless water heaters.

Watch the below video to see the process of draining a water heater:

4. Build or Refill Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

Do you have enough food, water and battery power for 72 hours? You never know when an extended power outage will occur, especially with the recent heavy storms hammering the Central Coast. If you aren’t already prepared, now is the time to create a kit with those items. Add in a first aid kit, radio, cellphone battery back up and cash. If you already have a kit, check the dates of your items and replace any expired items.

5. Clean That Oven

After a season of preparing holiday dinners and desserts it may be high time to give your oven a good cleaning. If you are lucky enough to have a self-cleaning oven, then crank it up. Keep in mind it can fill the house with a strong odor and even set off the smoke alarms. There are several oven cleaners you can use to clean, just don’t forget to give the oven racks a good cleaning too.

Get Started on Your January Home Maintenance!

Now that you have this guide to show you what to prioritize this January, it’s time to get started and ensure a safe and smooth-running home for the winter months.

Don’t forget to stop by your local Central Coast Ace Hardware in Watsonville, Gilroy or Seaside for any supplies you need for your projects.

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