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DIY Halloween Decorations Made Easy

Ace Hardware makes DIY Halloween Decorations simple and affordable

DIY Halloween decorations are a fun way to add extra spooky details to your household displays without breaking the bank. There’s something satisfying about taking everyday materials and transforming them into festive and entertaining decorations.

This October, grab all the materials you need for do-it-yourself Halloween decor at your local Ace Hardware store. With locations in Watsonville, Freedom, Gilroy, Salinas and Marina, there’s always a Helpful Place nearby!

Here are some easy and fun Halloween decorations you can build yourself using just a few materials found at your local Ace.

How To Make A Light Bulb Spider

Whether you’re thinking of replacing light bulbs or have some that have burnt out, you can put your unwanted bulbs to good use. This creepy Halloween decoration is a fun and creative way to dress up your home this fall.

Gather up your simple supplies because this decoration can be completed in just minutes!




  • Make sure the lightbulb is unplugged from light fixture.
  • Clean light bulb of dust or debris so spray paint can adhere.



  • Start by unrolling about 8 inches of wire from the spool and use the wire cutters to cut from the spool.
  • With the light bulb on a sturdy surface, start by placing wire below the largest end of the bulb. Pull the wires towards you and make a crisscross motion.
  • With the wires crisscrossed, flip the bulb so the wire legs are on the ground. Ensure that each side of the 2 wires are touching the table you’re working on. The goal here is to make sure the 8 inches of wire you selected are long enough for the bulb you are working with.
  • If the original 8 inches of wire is too long, use the wire cutters to trim it down so each wire side, which will be the legs, are on the table. If the wire sides for the legs are too short, add on the additional wire you need and cut a new strand.
  • Once you have your master length, you will need 4 total strands of wire. Once crisscrossed you will have the 8 legs you need for your spider.
  • Now it’s time to make the legs which you’ve seen a sneak peek on how to make when we found the length required for your light bulb. Again, go to the largest part of the bulb and place the write below the bulb and pull the wires towards you, but criss cross them tightly against the bulb.
  • At the point of the crisscross add a small drop of glue from the glue gun** to secure the wires to the bulb.
  • Continue the process with the remaining 3 wires, placing each wire apart from the next to spread them out like a spider and add the drop of glue.
  • Once the glue has cooled, turn the bulb with the wire legs down. Any wires that are too long should be cut with the wire cutters so all legs are the same length.
  • Next, it’s time to spray paint** the spider in an open air area*. Place the spider on a surface with either a drop cloth, cardboard, paper, etc. to avoid the over spray from getting on something you don’t want it to.
  • Take the spray paint and do short swipes across the surface ensuring you get all of the bulb and legs covered with paint. You may need to come back after 30 minutes to get the bottom of the spider with spray  if you don’t get it the first time spraying.
  • Let your spider dry 1 to 2 hours to fully set before adding to your spooky setting.

  *Always use spray paint in open air areas. **Read label of spray paint for proper safety precautions

How To Make A Duct Tape Spider Web - Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Time to grab the duct tape because it’s ready to rescue your Halloween! With a couple peels of the tape you are on your way to making a fun porch greeting or a side walk for trick or treater’s to creep on.




  • Make sure this project is done on a dry surface.



  • Start by peeling and applying your duct tape starting with a small shape, whether it be square or circle at the center of your chosen surface.
  • Next, you will start branching off the shape you made. Remove four strips of duct tape to sort of branch off of your shape with 4 straight lines that come off of the shape.
  • Remove enough duct tape to now lay on top of all 4 of those straight lines. You will continue the process of branching off of the shape that preceded it.
  • Make the spider web as large as you want it. Like a real spider web, each are unique and different.

How To Make A Duct Tape Pumpkin

Adding duct tape to your pumpkin is a fun and great way to give personality to your fall decorations. There are unique and fun patterns available for duct tape that can appeal to nearly anyone’s decor style.

Applying duct tape to your pumpkin is also a great way to keep critters away from taking a bite out of your jack-o-lantern.




  • Make sure your pumpkin is clean and dry



  • Place the duct tape roll at the top of the pumpkin and pull down towards the bottom. It’s ok if you pull a size too small as you can always add more. If it’s too long, clip it and reuse that piece on your next application down the pumpkin.
  • Attach the tape to the pumpkin with the sticky side being applied to the pumpkin.
  • Use your hand to smooth out any bumps on the tape as you’re trying to avoid wrinkling the tape.
  • Continue covering the pumpkin until it is fully covered with the duct tape
  • You may want to add a few solid black pieces to the stem which adds a fun look to the newly decorated pumpkin.

Visit Central Coast Ace Hardware to stock up on supplies for DIY Halloween Decorations!

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