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How to beautify your garden this summer

It’s June and what comes with it are beautiful flowers, signs of fruit and vegetable growth. Not sure what steps to take in order to beautify your garden? Central Coast Ace Hardware has got you covered. With locations in Watsonville, Freedom, Marina, Salinas and Gilroy, we are your one-stop shop for garden supplies and advice. Let us share with you our action list for this month where pruning, planting, and preserving come center stage.

What To Plant In June


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Sugar Snaps: Added these veggies to your garden is simple and easy. Sugar Snaps make great additions to any salad or just as a healthy snack. These sweet peas take 3-5 weeks to grow and they thrive in the heat. Sugar snap will need support to grow, so make sure to use 6 to 8 foot long pole stakes for stability.

Zucchini: Growing your own salad ingredients can be rewarding and delicious. Zucchini seeds get planted right into the ground and are best placed in  full sun in compost rich, well-drained soil. Be aware of the type of zucchini you are growing as some are a vining types that require a trellis for support.


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Sunflowers: This flower is a beautiful summer staple. Sunflowers will grow in any soil, they love the sunlight, and thrive in the heat.  Avoid planting Sunflowers in areas that get waterlogged and select spaces with full sun.

Marigolds: Marigolds can withstand hot, dry temperatures. If you wait until June to plant them their beautiful gold color color is more likely to shine until Labor Day.  These flowers also repel mosquitoes make it a beautiful addition around your entertaining space.


Herbs: Herbs grow quickly and and need pruning to remain vibrant and healthy. Some wonder, “I already pick them when I eat them. Why do I need to prune them too?” Pruning your herbs is an important part of keeping them happy. Herbs will grow flower like stubs on them. They may look pretty, but ill cause havoc on those herbs.

Melons: It is melon time! If you planted your melons back in April, then it is time to harvest! Yes, it is time to sink your teeth into those juicy summer flavors. If they aren’t quite ready, be patient, give it 1-2 more weeks for that Summer sweet!


Over Fertilize: Don’t over fertilize your garden. Plants only take up nutrient they need. You can over pollute and waste the fertilizer.

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Restore a thin lawn

Your lawn can look “professionally kept” without your checkbook looking like you professionally paid for it. Follow these steps for a greener, richer lawn. All garden supplies mentioned here can be found at your local Ace Hardware store in Watsonville, Freedom, Marina, Salinas and Gilroy.

  • Clear away dead grass and debris
    •  You can do this with a leaf rake or by renting a power rake if you have a rather large yard. When you’re done with this step, your shoulders will ache and your lawn will actually look worse. But don’t worry – it’s all part of the plan.
  • Choose some grass seed
    •  Be sure to get a high-quality weed-free seed blend. Choose the best one for your yard based on how much sunlight and traffic your lawn gets.
  • Overseed the lawn
    •  Most of this project will require the use of a spreader. A broadcast spreader throws the seed from the hopper in a circular pattern. A drop spreader works just as it sounds. A 20-inch drop spreader will drop a 20-inch wide path. You generally have more control of where the contents goes when using a drop spreader, but for covering rather large areas, a broadcast spreader makes the most sense. Cover the thinned-out lawn with the seed mix you chose.
  • A starter fertilizer can help new seed grow healthy
    •  Check the label to apply at the recommended timing  after overseeding.  After the fertilizer has been spread, sprinkling peat moss over the lawn can help keep the seed moist and also keep the birds from eating all the seed. Spread it by hand or use the spreader.
  • Try to keep new seed moist to help it germinate
    •  As the new grass takes hold, deep, infrequent waterings are more effective than short, daily sprinklings. That’s because the roots of weeds grow only in the first two to three inches of soil.

Garden Supply Specials at Central Coast Ace Hardware

Check out these great deals on garden supplies happening right now at Ace Hardware, with locations in Watsonville, Freedom, Marina, Gilroy and Salinas! Call or stop by your local store to check availability.

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