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Why You Need a Backup Generator for Your Home

Having a backup generator in your home will keep you prepared should the power go out unexpectedly. At Ace, you’ll find a variety of generators from brands like Generac, EGO, Champion and others that will meet your needs during any emergency. 

Using a backup generator for your house can be beneficial for various reasons:

  1. Power Outages: A backup generator ensures that you have a reliable source of power during electrical outages. This is particularly important during storms, natural disasters, or other emergencies when the grid may fail.

  2. Security and Safety: Having a backup power source enhances security and safety. It ensures that essential systems like security alarms, lighting, and medical equipment remain operational, reducing the risk of accidents or security breaches.

  3. Preservation of Perishables: A generator can help maintain refrigeration and freezing capabilities, preventing food spoilage during power outages. This is especially crucial for households with a significant amount of perishable goods.

  4. Climate Control: If you rely on heating or air conditioning for comfort or have sensitive equipment that requires specific temperature conditions, a backup generator can help maintain a comfortable environment.

  5. Home Office and Work: In an era where many people work remotely or have home offices, a backup generator ensures that you can continue working during power interruptions, avoiding disruptions and potential financial losses.

  6. Medical Needs: For individuals with medical conditions that require electrical devices or equipment, a backup generator is essential to ensure a continuous power supply for medical purposes.

  7. Sump Pump Operation: If your home has a sump pump to prevent basement flooding, a backup generator can keep it running during power outages, preventing potential water damage.

  8. General Convenience: Having a backup generator provides general convenience by allowing you to continue using appliances, charging devices, and maintaining a normal daily routine even when the grid is down.

Electric, Propane and Gasoline Backup Generators

There are many different types of generators available for purchase, including battery power generators, natural gas generators, gasoline generators and more. Learn more about each one to see which is right for your needs: 

  • Propane generator: Propane and natural gas generators are relatively inexpensive to maintain with a low-cost fuel source. They use clean-burning fuels, unlike gasoline, and work well as a whole-home solution to backup power. 
  • Gasoline generator: Although using a fuel that can run more expensive than propane or natural gas, gasoline generators are reliable models that are easy to use and relatively affordable. They work well as portable generators but should only be used outdoors, so be sure to keep a gas can full. 
  • Electric generator: Also known as a battery generator, these models are reliable options that require little regular maintenance, so you can ditch the gas can or propane tank. Unlike gas models, battery-powered generators emit little to no fumes, allowing you to operate them inside your home. Just make sure the battery is charged!

The helpful folks at Ace Hardware can help you determine which generator works best for your needs. Don’t forget that your local Ace also provides free store pickup within 15 minutes of your online order!

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